Jewellery Insurance Valuation




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Hamiltons are members of the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) and can provide an insurance valuation for you. Valuations need to be undertaken to a very high standard; the highest level is represented by NAJ members. 

Our experts will examine your jewellery and provide a written valuation that acts a legal document you can use for your insurance company.

We’ll take note of any distinguishing features and will write a full description of each item, this makes it easier to identify your jewellery if it is lost or stolen. 

Hamiltons are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable experts in whom you can trust with your insurance valuation.

Jewellery valuations require expertise and discipline in order to ensure that descriptions are precise, identifications correct and measurements accurate. Please contact the Hamiltons team to arrange an insurance valuation for your precious jewellery items.