Hatton Garden



Nestled in the heart of Holborn and just a short taxi ride from London’s West End, you’ll find the historical area of Hatton Garden.  Here you will discover one of London’s hidden gems; a place steeped in history and romance.

Queen Elizabeth I gifted a house and garden in the grounds of Ely palace to a handsome courtier in 1576.  The land owned by the Bishop of Ely was in a central London location and would have commanded a handsome income.

However, the Queen was so smitten by the courtier Christopher Hatton,  that she fixed his rent at a favourable £10 per annum plus ten loads of hay and a rose from the garden at midsummer each year!

In the mid-seventeenth century, the once famous garden was used to create an estate of streets named Hatton Garden,  for housing, workshops and warehouses.  

Hatton Garden soon attracted a collection of gold and platinum jewellers as well as, the now world famous diamond dealers. Making Hatton Garden London's home of jewellery that it is to this day.


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