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Gabriel & Co

The story of Gabriel & Co. begins with two brothers. Jack and Dominick Gabriel, both talented brothers from a jewellery-making family, believed that the jewellery industry needed a new vision - and one with more feeling. They wanted to celebrate the reasons why top quality, unique jewellery is so important to so many: as a symbol of deep and true relationships, to mark amazing achievements, as a celebration of special occasions, and to honour those people who matter to us the most.
It was their father, master fine jeweller Elias Gabriel, who took the pair under his wing as apprentices, teaching them how to blend precious stones and metals to create stunning pieces that are far more than just the sum of their parts. Following in the footsteps of their father, Jack and Dominick founded Gabriel & Co. in 1989, dedicating their lives to creating quality jewellery and building a team to ensure that both their creations and their customer service were second to none.
From engagement rings to diamond jewellery, the company now produces a huge range of both contemporary and traditional pieces that are designed to stand the test of time, fusing creativity and long-lasting technology to create a brand that is known for being creative, trustworthy and truly passionate about its art.

We at Hamiltons are proud to be the sole stockists in Europe.